Women's Folligen Shampoo for Hair Loss (Liter)

Therapro Mediceuticals

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Women's Folligen Shampoo for Hair Loss (Liter)
Therapro Mediceuticals Womens Folligen Shampoo for Hair Loss (33 oz)

Therapro Folligen Phytoflavone Normal Shampoo features Triaminocoptinol Compound with a proprietary copper peptide technology to reduce thinning hair and premature hair loss. Contains an Anti-Fade color retention complex to reduce fading of color treatments. Designed to gently cleanse and protect fragile hair and for normal hair types.

Ingredients: Color Retention Complex, (Butylene Glycol and Helianthis Annus Sunflower Seed Extract), Femmigen Complex (Albumen, black Cohosh, Burdock, Don Quai, Ginger, Ginseng, Goldenseal root, Hops, Jaborandi, Licorice, Red Clover, Rosemary, sage, Saw Palmetto, Sea Kelp, Soy, Yam Root, Zinc Sulfate), Triaminocoptinol Complex. See bottle for complete ingredient listing.

Directions: Wet hair with warm water. Gently distribute through the hair and onto the scalp; creating a rich later after approximately one minute, thoroughly rinse, repeat if desired. 

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