milk_shake Color Sealing Conditioner

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Milk_Shake color specifics color sealing conditioner conditions hair after coloring and closes the cuticle, sealing in pigments for a longer-lasting and shiny result. Based on Nano Bio Genius technology. Contains milk protein which has a strong integrative and conditioning action inside the hair's cortex.What it does: Panthenol and pro-vitamin B5 strengthen, condition and protect hair and increases thickness, while vitamin E has antioxidant and protective actions. Rice bran oil has a moisturizing, emollient and nourishing action on hair. Contains tocopherol, oryzanol and tocotrienol, three protective and antioxidant substances that naturally act against UV rays.What else you need to know: An active silicone helps to close hair's cuticle, eliminating frizz and enhancing color. Conditioning and moisturizing agents condition hair, making it soft, bright and easy to comb. UV filters protect from UV rays. milk_shake color specifics color sealing conditioner has a pH balance of 3.5. 33.8 oz.